For Mash-Up's first solo show at Digital Fashion Week we explore a fresh palette and new silhouettes. Meant to be experienced as a visual gradient where the colours we are known for are stripped away to reveal new construction and garment types, we return with our prints, denim and sequinned pieces to close off the show. 

Titled Les femmes D'Alger, this collection was inspired by artworks done about women during the Algerian War in the 60s. One of our starting points was a powerful set of portraits taken by Marc Garanger where he immortalised a group of Algerian women who are staring defiantly into the camera, refusing submission through their gaze. We were also inspired by the cubist series also titled Les femmes D'Alger by Pablo Picasso, which completely broke down the way women were 'stared at' as objects in previous orientalist paintings and freed them through cubism instead. Using the power of Art to create narratives where women were emancipated from traditional ways of seeing, we are trying to convey this toughness and emancipation in our own Mash-Up way. 

Expect the 'toughness' of a girl-gang in the use of motorcycle jacket elements, the deconstruction and fraying of fabrics and the use of leather. This 'toughness' gives way to soft and fresh materials like neoprene, jerseys and iridescent organdie. Also to note is a series of more organic, raw garments that seem to be breaking apart. The colour palette traces the narrative from stark white to a darker engineered denim, as well as various prints in bright colours. Hand-crafted elements are brought back for this collection; expect hand-embroidered and sequinned sweatshirts, jackets and jumpsuits. The silhouettes remain fresh and young with t-shirts, t-shirt dresses and sweatpants being deconstructed and re-worked.