Can 1 million likes really save a child? Will sharing that selfie raise funds for Cancer Research? For Autumn/Winter 14 Mash-Up explores the deconstruction of the reality of social media. On one hand, an avenue for sharing selfies and animal videos, on another hand a channel used as weapons of political control and warfare as shown by Syria, Israel and Cuba. Mash-Up gives a visual manifestation of the world in through YouTube stills, emoticons and Internet lingo; creating a variety of glitch images and prints splattered all over the collection creating a 'screen-grab' of the world as they see in 2014; a world where emoticons and Internet news threaten to take over our ability to express deep emotion and thought.

Taking inspiration from the Glitch art movement and how it deconstructs an image, Mash-Up tries to re- create this effect off-line in reality. From 2nd hand garments real-life 'collages' were constructed and inspired the silhouettes and garments seen in this collection. Expect to see pieces of a jersey t-shirt dress with a shirt's placket and missing sleeves sewn together, or jeans manipulated to be worn as tops. New silhouettes and garment details are created from the mere destruction and reconstruction of ready-made garments like the classic 5-pocket jeans, crisp shirts and cotton t-shirts.

Continuing the cyber post-apocalyptic theme, this collection sees a mixture of stock-lot fabrics and remnants from past collections. Garments are infused with hand-cut distressed denim trimmings from up-cycled jeans. Continuing the hand-embellished sequin series from last season, the tactile properties of the embellishments reminds us that somethings are better IRL- In Real Life.

The dialogue between real life and online life is explored further through a cross-media collaborative series of videos and images done in collaboration with videographer Glen Ong and photographer Natsuko and the creative team behind C+C&Co. Special thanks to The Puttnam School of Film, LASALLE College of The Arts for their support.